RelEng is currently using a patched version of buildbot 0.8.2. Our repository is located at

Upstream buildbot is currently located at

universal master; scheduler master; build/test master

slave deployment

hg pushlog

Mozilla maintains a record of when changes are pushed into various repositories on This is currently implemented in the hook

The pushlog has several interfaces of interest, the html view which is useful to developers, and the json format which is more useful for automated systems.

buildbot schedulers

Buildbot schedulers are objects that are responsible for creating new `build requests`_. Some usual examples of this are creating the requests to do builds in response to a developer push, or doing nightly builds on a timer.

Schedulers themselves are run sequentially in a loop on the buildbot master. They are generally run on a timer, or if a new buildbot change is added to the master.

Schedulers that use push information generally look in the `scheduler database`_ for new changes since last time the scheduler ran. If there are any new changes that are applicable, the scheduler then creates new rows in the buildrequests table of the `scheduler database`_.

In addition to the built-in schedulers, RelEng maintains many custom buildbot schedulers.

aggregating scheduler

pgo scheduler

per-product scheduling

coalescing is run after most jobs. It is reponsible for creating the text log for the job, uploading it to ftp, updating the `status database`_ and pushing the final notification events to pulse.

VCS Sync tools


The legacy (first implementation) code is in:
The legacy configurations are in:

Documentation is in the code repository, a rendered version of the latest is at


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